PowerBabe fully believes in its product, which has been applied and proven by many clients around the world. It believes the methods work, but only if the Client is dedicated to the process. Nevertheless, PowerBabe offers a conditional 14-day refund under the following circumstances: 

In the event Client desires a refund, Client must contact the support team at support@thepowerbabe.com within the first fourteen (14) days from the date the product was purchased. Within this 14 day window, a representative from PowerBabe will schedule a call with Client to discuss the basis for the request, and provide Client with a refund request form to complete, that will allow client to submit any necessary evidence of coursework completed. Client MUST speak to a PowerBabe customer service representative to be able to receive a refund. Once a call has been offered, Client must accept and complete the call within 14 days of the date it is offered. Any and all requests for refunds will be decided by the PowerBabe team and within PowerBabe's sole and exclusive discretion. If a refund is granted, Client can expect reimbursement thirty (30) days after cancellation of Program in the same manner in which payment was made, less a cancellation fee. If a refund is not granted, Client understands he/she remains financially responsible for payment in full of Program, and as long Client has received the full product purchased, Client has no further recourse regarding refunds.

Client understands he/she will be forfeiting any and all access to Program and benefits if refund is issued, including but not limited to Instagram access, group calls, modules, and all other information included within Program.  

Due to the subjective nature of the Program provided by PowerBabe, and inability to control Client’s availability, motivation, external forces, financial situation, or level of engagement in Program, PowerBabe is not able to offer refunds after these 14 days. Please conduct any and all necessary research to determine if the product is right for you prior to purchasing – after the 14 day period, all purchases are final, and Client is responsible for the full payment of all program fees, whether or not Client completes Program.